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  1. Museum Prinsenhof is a museum at the St. Agatha square in Delft. It belongs to the Top 100 of the Department for Conservation from 1990.

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    History [edit]
    Princes museum was originally called St. Agatha Convent. Alyd busers (deceased in 1409) was a wealthy widow who at the end of the fourteenth century - along with her daughter Aechte - joined a group of Delft sisters. In 1403 this group took a house on the Oude Delft in use as a monastery. They called this monastery St. Agatha Convent in St. Agatha, the patron saint of Aechte daughter. Alyd busers became the first Mother Superior. She was succeeded by her daughter Aechte. Because the group of sisters was increasing, the monastery was extended many times to the largest (and richest) Monastery was within the walls of medieval Delft. The last rector of the Catholic convent's priest-poet Cornelis Muys, who was murdered in Leiden in 1572 by William II Lumey, chief of the Beggars in the service of the Dutch Revolt.

    After the Reformation, the building complex was split into the second half of the sixteenth century in separate parts used. Part of the chapel remained as now Reformed church space in use and in the long south wing were still living some nuns tolerated.

    William of Orange [edit]
    The rest of the buildings were decorated as court of Prince William of Orange, who from 1572 to 1584 regularly stayed at the St. Agatha Convent. Therefore, it is since then known as the Princes'. In 1584 he was murdered in the Prinsenhof by Balthasar Gerards.

    Later developments [edit]
    In 1657 the Princes was partly designed as Cloth Hall. From 1775 to 1807 there was established the Latin School of Delft. The complex was restored between 1932 and 1951 to a municipal museum.

    Right next to Museum Prinsenhof, the current Walloon church. Princes museum attracts about 60,000 visitors annually. [1] At the nearby tram stop "Princes" at the Phoenix Street tram stop 1.